Aug 21, 2012



A cowhide accent piece would be perfect for our southwest theme! These two are from Arteriors Home. Now I just need to find one under $1000...

Aug 20, 2012

Prickly Friends

I've almost gone to Petsmart at least a dozen times, but I just KNOW that I would leave with a furry new friend, so I've resisted. Getting a pet before a couch and dining table is just silly, so my pet yearnings are on the back burner for now. As a sort of compromise, I purchased 3 baby cacti! Not only is this the start of a new hobby, but they also fit right in with my southwest d├ęcor scheme. These pictures are from the day I brought them home in their original plastic pots. 

The tall guy is commonly known as a "Baseball Bat" cactus. They are native to Bolivia and can grow up to 20 feet tall!! The round one is a Golden Barrel from Mexico and could get up to 3 feet. "Hibotan" or "Moon Cactus" is the name of the colorful one. She could potentially grow to be 5 feet tall. Right now, they are all under 12 inches. (phew!)

I never had much interest in raising plants, but now I have a little outdoor space and there's just something about the desert landscape that I love. If you have any tips about growing cacti, let me know :-)

Aug 17, 2012

hot hot hot

I've moved to the desert! Yep, I left the big apple and headed west. My time in NYC was uh-mazing and most of my dearest friends are there, but I was starting to get restless. I knew that I didn't want to live there forever, so it was time to make a move.

The stars aligned and as I made this big decision, a boy came (back) into my life. My college sweetheart swept me off my feet again and when he got a job in Tucson, AZ I went with him.

So here I am, starting a new chapter in the desert. First order of business: decorate the apartment southwest style :-)

May 4, 2012


I love making lists and I've been making a ton of them lately as I prepare for a 6 week trip south of the equator. These check-lists are helping me to accomplish a number of small tasks like "buy hiking socks" and "print boarding pass." When every item is checked off, I should end up at JFK with a full backpack ready for South America.

When I return to reality a month and a half later, I need to begin a new list. One that will get me to whatever it is I'm supposed to be doing with my life. Still haven't quite nailed that one down...

Today someone told me I was brave for quitting my job and living. Then she reassured me that everything is going to be okay because things work out when you're brave.

With that wonderful well-wish, I'll sign off for the night. Bon Weekend!

Dec 17, 2011


I'm tickled pink (and sunset-purple, blue and orange) that the magazine Arizona Highways chose my photo for photo of the day!

Thanks AZ Highways :) 

Dec 6, 2011


If these photos make sense, you must have letterpress experience!

On Monday I printed a handful of holiday cards using this 15th century technique. As if you need further proof of my nerdery, I'll admit it's been a desire of mine to create stationery with a letterpress. In the age of MacBooks, what a time travel trip it is to carefully choose metal letters (is that a p or a q?!), set them and operate heavy machinery in order to compose a story or saying.

The photos clockwise from top left: my words on the press; an assortment of type sizes; my holiday saying set to go (do you know what it says?!) and Bodoni font uppercase letters. 

Stay tuned for pictures of the final product!