Oct 10, 2010

Crafting and the city

The birthplace of my first card! A beautiful fall day in the Flatiron district, just a short walk from Paper Presentation, my favorite store for cardstock and envelopes. They have so many options, it's heavenly! New York City really is quite an inspiring place, creatively speaking.

(photo by Eva Whitney)


  1. so true. nyc is just inspiring. the buildings, the shadows, the people, the way light falls....just everything!

  2. so proud of you and your new endeavor! i can't wait to see how else the City inspires you =) xx nikki

  3. great shot.

    of course i am going to "follow" you :) xo

  4. Brownridingboots- amen!
    Nikki- thank you, that means so much. I'm touched!
    Lindsay- right back at you on both counts, you fellow blogger, you.