Nov 8, 2010

Taking Collaging Up a Notch

I just discovered Polyvore, thanks to the Bergdorf's Window contest. I clicked on the link and before I knew it, three and a half hours had passed and I'd created a submission. Polyvore prides itself as the "best place to discover or start fashion trends," which is the appeal for most of the users as evidenced by the clothing, shoes and accessories that are overwhelmingly the stars of the collages (or "sets" in Polyvore lingo). However, the site also boasts thriving "Art and Expression" and my favorite, "Interior Design" categories. Virtually clip victorian chaise lounges, retro wall clocks and striped pillows from your favorite home d├ęcor sites and let your imagination run wild as you resize the wool carpet, position that porcelain vase on the French Art Nouveau side table and drag the framed print exactly where you want it. deuxS is a marvelous example of what's possible.
As a paper lover, Polyvore would seem to go against my need to hold the paper and feel its texture or use scissors to carefully cut out a shape. Creating the Bergdorf's set on Polyvore, however, was ultimately equally as creatively satisfying as crafting a real paper collage. The ability to resize items and choose pieces from the seemingly endless database that is the internet opened up a different collaging world. Polyvore is like email; you can't live without it if you're tech-savvy in today's world, but you still love and appreciate all that snail mail (or the paper collage) has to offer. For now, you can find me on Polyvore AND cutting up paper at my dining room table.

p.s. What do you think of my window design?

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