Aug 16, 2011

And we're off! (Again)

Dearest little blog,

I haven't forsaken you! I know that I've been an absent blogger. I think about you all the time, but with each day that passed, I grew more ashamed and couldn't bring myself to sign in. No valid excuse exists for my neglect, so here I am, tail between my legs, but beyond ready to write again.

In the spirit of full disclosure- I've toyed with the idea of moving you to Tumblr, but I quite fancy the retro vibe that has possessed Blogger since my last post. It's almost vintage, if you will, and we all know j'adore vintage. (A companion Tumblr site will do just fine, however).

Also, don't take this the wrong way but I'm going to jazz up your appearance a bit in the coming weeks. Just some tweaks to reflect the changes that I've undergone and frankly, I'm wildly looking forward to a creative project.

With much excitement,


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