May 4, 2012


I love making lists and I've been making a ton of them lately as I prepare for a 6 week trip south of the equator. These check-lists are helping me to accomplish a number of small tasks like "buy hiking socks" and "print boarding pass." When every item is checked off, I should end up at JFK with a full backpack ready for South America.

When I return to reality a month and a half later, I need to begin a new list. One that will get me to whatever it is I'm supposed to be doing with my life. Still haven't quite nailed that one down...

Today someone told me I was brave for quitting my job and living. Then she reassured me that everything is going to be okay because things work out when you're brave.

With that wonderful well-wish, I'll sign off for the night. Bon Weekend!


  1. What kind of job do you want to get when you move back to Cali?

    (or do you not want to think about that until AFTER your vaca? :D)

  2. Something low-stress...TBD! How is your job going??