Dec 6, 2011


If these photos make sense, you must have letterpress experience!

On Monday I printed a handful of holiday cards using this 15th century technique. As if you need further proof of my nerdery, I'll admit it's been a desire of mine to create stationery with a letterpress. In the age of MacBooks, what a time travel trip it is to carefully choose metal letters (is that a p or a q?!), set them and operate heavy machinery in order to compose a story or saying.

The photos clockwise from top left: my words on the press; an assortment of type sizes; my holiday saying set to go (do you know what it says?!) and Bodoni font uppercase letters. 

Stay tuned for pictures of the final product!


  1. Hi, I read in the NY Times about a club/museum devoted to books and graphic arts:

    They have an exhibit up through Feb about French typefaces from the 1700's. Reminded me of this post.