Dec 1, 2011

Lemon Chicken

This Thanksgiving I spent a leisurely week in sunny Arizona. 
Family, family, family, which means food and art. Not football or fights, but photography, fonts, paintings, film, dance, fashion. I always knew I came from a creative clan, but there was just something about this holiday in particular…

What do you think?? My graphic designer dad and I spent an evening culling through fonts and photos until we created the perfect design. I took the photo during my recent trip to Niagara Falls and gave it the vintage filter using Picnik. The font is called "Lemon Chicken." It reminds me of The New Yorker mag, not an item from a take-out menu, but either way I love its art deco feel!

p.s. The Arizona sky offered up these beautiful photo moments that I was able to capture in between grandma's meals and catching up with the fam.


  1. I like your logo... I was wondering how you made it , and then I read this post.

    What program did you use? I want to get a program - but they are expensive -__-

  2. Ugh they are soo expensive, thank goodness for artsy dads haha.